Caruaru fair

Caruaru Fair  | Caruaru PE Brazil 2018

Caruaru Fair PE Brazil 2018

I woke up very early to photograph the Feira Artesanal de  Caruaru, famous worldwide for its importance in the trade of products ranging from fruits to pots, besides being the largest outdoor fair in Brazil. I have always been crazy about fairs, I believe it is the place where the community has the best to buy. Several aspects interest me in this type of fair, the main ones are the characters that make the fair work and then the people that circulate there every day.

The city of Caruaru was born due to the fair, in its 161 years, the city breathes the trade, this makes the fair one of the main economic activities of the region. Caruaru is located in a strategic point between the coast and the "sertão", all that came from the "sertão" towards the coast and vice versa passed by Caruaru, for that reason the fair became point of reference in the commerce of products.

I did a lot of research to know the stories that I would find there. Arriving there, I did not get excited about starting to shoot, I prepared the camera and walked the long corridors in search of images that could tell the story of everything that passed in front of me. I spent two hours going through every corner and always found images that contextualized the story, which I wanted to tell.

He imagined how the fair was all year long, nothing better to record it with a black-and-white rehearsal, because the day was overcast and the shades of gray would give a more realistic touch. The Northeastern of Brazil is a suspicious goat, I noticed that they were not comfortable when they saw me directing the camera toward them. I used a technique of photojournalism: discretion and invisibility so that the characters did not notice my presence. Everything ran in the most perfect tuning and I was able to produce a high level test.

I enjoyed this experience so much that I decided to spend a few more days in the city to document the cattle fair that happens on Tuesdays.