João do pife

#joaodopife "The véio is hot and it spreads the gold by the world"
Caruaru PE Brazil 2018

Caruaru PE Brazil 2018

“"The véio is hot and it spreads the gold by the world"”

This subject came from far way: to photograph "Mestre João do Pife" in Caruaru to illustrate the dissemination through the internet of the workshop that he will minister in Belo Horizonte. I had very little information about this gentleman who faces life playing "pife" in his band "Pífano 2 Irmãos", João ministers "pife" construction workshops around the world. Born and raised in Caruaru, in the rural state of Pernambuco, he enjoys his 74 years of life and 60 years of profession. His band travels by several countries and shows the culture of Northeast of Brazil to the world. The group was inherited from his father, Mr. Alfredo Marques dos Santos, who before his death asked his sons João and Severino to never stop playing because he believed that the band would go far. And it is not, that he was very sure, Severino passed away and John and his 4 children never stopped.

I was greeted by the daughter-in-law and businesswoman Jéssica Bruna, docilely, put me the part of all the details about the "pife" and the personality of this gentleman who lavishes enviable health. My accent caught Senhor João and he soon commented on how happy he was to have a photographer coming from Belo Horizonte, especially to photograph him. He is an artist who is accustomed  to be professional photographer lenses, when I asked him to change his shirt, he replied quickly: "I change as many times as you like, we will take the best photos because I go to Minas Gerais and teach "Pife" classes to people to Minas Gerais ".

Anyway, the photos contextualized all that moment of light, it seemed that we had known each other for years. Between one photo and another I asked my questions, it was clear how much "pife" was present in his life. He confessed how much he would like to have more time to increase the work and wanted 30 more years of success so that the dream of completing 100 years of foundation of Band 2 Irmãos would come true. This Saturday afternoon will be etched in my mind forever. I'm happy to be living here in the northeast with so many characters so enlightened. After all this, it releases a phrase that means everything I learned from João do Pife:

"The véio is hot and spreads the gold by the world".

 And live the Pife !!!