Mage buca

Antônio Leite
Alto do Moura, Caruaru PE Brazil 2018

Alto do Moura, Caruaru PE Brazil 2018

When I think about the trajectory that brought me here, in the search to see a friend from Ceará who lives in the outskirts of Caruaru. The decision to meet Buca, happened when when I was in Berlin and met a friend from Buca. Avelino made me relive all the moments I spent when I had the mission to unravel the steps of "Capitão Lampião", to conclude my master's defense. I crossed the coast to the hinterland several times. Buca is a great knowledgeable of the tricks of Lampião and taught me a lot about the personality of the "cangaceiro".

Known as Buca,  father of the Gurajiru, bears the name of Antônio Leite. A simple and reserved man, who has the magic of art, everything that falls into his hands becomes an aura. A complete artist, canvas, pottery or drawing, this man commands very well.

With remarkable personality and nomadic blood, he lives of art. He lives in Alto do Moura, a hamlet where clay is business excellence, he takes advantage of his creative ability to develop his skills to make a living.

I spent an entire afternoon at your house and listening to your stories about the world around him. We ate couscous with stewed meat, talked everything we had not talked about all these years. Them, I told him that I'd like to produce a picture of him. Everyone who knows my rehearsals, knows how many photos I put to contextualize my works, this time it was faster than I thought. I needed a few clicks to tell his story. Anyway, it was a great joy to meet Buca again and I promised, the next time we met, it would be on a beach in the northeast of Brazil, where he dreams of living soon.

I stay here, in the crowd that life gives you health and joy in the creation of your works and soon we will meet again for reviews.

Soon,We see each others and the Gods of the cangaço protect him.